Wajah Tum Ho Movie Review and Ratings – Final Verdict

Wajah tum Ho Movie Ratings

An erotic Thriller is supposed to be a sure shot hit in the Bollywood nowadays, and after the success of Hate Story series, it has been presumed much. But not all erotic thriller are meant to be logical and seamless. Wajah Tum Ho is one such movie, which is decent enough for a thriller,r filled with revenge, oomph, and masala.


Rahul Oberoi (Rajneish Duggal) is the owner of a leading TV channel. But one day, a tech savvy Murderer streams live murder of a cop on Rahul Oberoi’s television channel. Rahul becomes the prime suspect for investigation by Cop Kabir (Sharman Joshi). He is defended by Siya, lawyer (Sana Khan) but her boyfriend Ranveer (Gurmeet) is fighting against her as the prosecution lawyer. Meanwhile, another murder is telecasted, and the suspense grows. But then there are more of Steamy scenes than the main plot which kind of deviated the main story.

The concept is intriguing one, but the way it is executed is not proper. The story could have been eye gripping, but some loopholes make the movie so not likable as compared to other Erotic thrillers. The first half is still gripping but the second half with predictable twists and turns makes the climax of the movie so not logical.


Sana Khan, ex Bigg Boss Contestant, is looking glamorous, but there is nothing more you can get out of her. Rajneesh and Gurmeet flaunt off their sexy bodies only. The only credible and watchable actor in the movie is Sharman Joshi. Another supporting cast is also decent in their performances.



Out of four songs, three songs are reprised versions of old Hindi songs, so there is not much newness regarding music or songs are considered. Although the Background score is good but too much of it at the back of the whole movie time makes it a bit annoying.

Vishal Pandya, after the success of Hate Story 2 and Hate Story 3 tried his hands on yet another erotic Thriller, Wajah Tum Ho but could not achieve the same success. The fault might be with the screenplay or how the movie has been flowing. The performances were also not so outstanding. But going by one-time watch movie concept especially for Indian audiences, Wajah Tum Ho can be watched over the weekend with your friends.

Ratings: – 2.5/5